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Thursday, February 28, 2019



According to statistics, the total export value of agricultural products reached $ 1.17 billion, an increase of 46.6% compared to the same period last year.
Among them, rice, coffee, cashew nuts, cassava has increased turnover over the same period, make the overall turnover of these products group increased.

Export volume of rice in January 2013 reached 534 thousand tons, with a value of $ 259 million, an increase of 108.5% in volume and 76.4% in value compared with the same period in January 2012. China became the largest rice import market of Vietnam in 2012, and is forecast to continue to increase in 2013. But some market decline in both volume and value, such as Indonesia, Singapore, Senegal, ...

Coffee, Vietnam has exported 191 thousand tons, with a value of $ 387 million, an increase of 70.6% in volume and 70.7% in value compared with the same period in January 2012. The two main markets are the United States (12.51% market share), Germany (11.63%) were growth in both volume and value.

Vietnam continues to maintain a first exporter of cashew nut kernel in the world, with a turnover of USD 88 million (equivalent to 14 thousand tons). Main markets are the United States (27.6% market share) and China (19.6%).

As of January 2013, a number of other items such as pepper, cassava and cassava products, tea also increased both in volume and value over the same period.

According to market experts, the year 2013 will continue to be a difficult year for all economic sectors caused by the world's largest economy has not recovered, reduced purchasing power. So, exports of agricultural products also have difficulty. Export prices of most agricultural commodities are expected to decline this year.

Exporting rice has not had many contracts transferred to the new year. This year Thailand has large inventories so the recovery capabilities of Thailand will be certainly, besides the export price may be reduced.


The price of Pepper has decreased sharply can cause anxiety for pepper growers due to very high price in the previous year. If they are not guided and supported the products can not be processed, preserved, reducing the quality.

Coffee prices in January rose sharply, many merchants buy to sell urgently without processing, this will greatly affect the brand and the value of exports.


Associations and the Ministry of Industry and Trade are trying to implement programs to support and promote trade, but besides that businesses also need to actively reserves, expand looking customers to step up export.



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