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Magosteen fruit season
Thursday, February 28, 2019


Magosteen fruit season


According calling handed down from ancient royal fruit mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) is called flat world. Mangosteen is a fruit that is a favorite domestic consumption and export potential. Vietnamese mangosteen harvest season from mid-April to June. Some information to help you read best buy fruits and more interesting while enjoying the fruits "queen".

As professional scientists, due to biological characteristics, not only in Vietnam but at the world, mangosteen has a unique breed. Contrary mangosteen does have 5 pistils left it in the gut zone 5, 6 zone 6 wing (see picture), it will be the new guy 7-8 zone. Purple mangosteen peel brown to black; as ripe as black, black shell out a few days left colon is "outdated". The chemist said fruit flesh foods containing at least three sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucose - and 50 other organic chemicals. Flavor of the Mangosteen is a combination of fruity, floral and ... grass. Besides hexyl acetate and hexenyl acetate is a special flavor of the mangosteen also smells synthetic from hexenal substances, hexanol, a-bisabolen, plus the smell of mango with a quality-copaen, the smell of jasmine with furfuryl methylceton, smell Hue incense (phenyl acetaldehyde), the smell of fresh grass (hexenol, hexanal), withered grass smell (pyridine), smell leaves wet (xylene), smell of dried flowers (benzaldehyd), walnuts (d-cadinen). Mangosteen is sweet and sour sweet.

When mangosteen peel-colored marble and a few purple dots have been able to gather, at least when half of the crust with purple lilac. If mangosteen peel up freshly picked black down the left colon was soft, fruit flesh all remaining crunchy and taste just like with fabric left alone.

Vietnamese mangosteen harvest season is from mid-April to June, early in the West than the East. Each garden mangosteen try your left about 4 to 5 per season, each busy picking apart 3 - 5 days, mangosteen is collected by cage structure or pole mounted with mesh bags. Vietnamese Mangosteen consume 5 to 7 days later is best. If packed in baskets of 50 - 60 kg, mangosteen shell borders, pus left overflowing meat will left bruised and reduce the quality. Where the mangosteen fruit flesh in latex, latex hardened gold and is related to nutrition care and plant disease. In Vietnam, this is also related to the harvest season; late May onwards, rainfall mangosteen tree susceptible to disease. Mangosteen fruit "problem" skin color often heterogeneous, best show crust is dark golden brown and slightly leaking pus.

On the market from March to September there is a participation of the Thai mangosteen. Thai mangosteen fruit forms less than mangosteen Vietnam, crustal often blow pus yellow (wound pus rather large), skin color dull or gloss reduction due to longer transit times.

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