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Cashew nut and cashew nut shell oil
Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Cashew shell has scientific name  Anacardium occidentale L. It is one kind of industrial crops having origin from Brazil. Now it is planted all over tropical climate area to get cashew kernel to make food.


Vietnam cashew kernel is exported to many markets such as United State of America, China, Australia, Hongkong, United Kingdom, Netherland… Now, Vietnam is known as number one country about exporting cashew kernel (both quantity and quality) and Binh Phuoc province (Phuoc Long district) becomes capital of cashew tree.


Cashew tree has height from 3m to 9m. Dried fruit, renal shape, 2-3 cm length, hard shell. The stem grow excessively large like pear or peach shape, has red, yellow or white color. So people often think that the stem is fruit and the real fruit is grain.


After getting the cashew kernel to export, the remain cashew shell is very useful. It is used to press cashew shell oil using as fuel in many factory, and the cashew shell residue is also used to make fuel for burning.


cashew shell is leaded through compressor to conduct oil, after that, oil is continuously brought to  centrifugal machine to eliminate extraneous matters. Next step is precipitate process. After all, oil is leaded through heat processing to get finished product.

Our cashew oil is used widely in many technology industry: used as fuel in gas oven, produce wear-proof, frictionless materials, paint, varnish, glue, ...


Every year, people eliminate all the cashew shell after processing cashew kernel for exporting, it makes  a huge waste. Therefore, producing cashew shell oil from cashew not only brings many economic results for companies, but also it can solve many problems of labors, environmental pollution.
From 20.000 tons of cashew shell, we can produce 3.500 liters cashew shell oil used as fuel in manufacturing
The price of cashew oild equals to 60% of the price of FO oil


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