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Binh Thuan Dragon Fruits
Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Binh Thuan Dragon Fruits


Do not have the processing plant, dragon fruit in Binh Thuan is mainly consumed fresh in the domestic market and the rest exported directly, or sold for export enterprises outside the province. Processing and preservation technologies dragon fruit is also simple. After harvesting, water is mainly used cell-don to wash, then packaged, preserved by cold storage. The province of Binh Thuan has six business purchasing, dragon fruit exports, 40 base supply procurement and export hundreds of households "satellite" dragon collection. In 2006, Binh Thuan export more than 22 thousand tons of fruit, valued at $ 13.6 million, representing 13.2% of total exports in the province. Since early 2007, Binh Thuan has exported more than 12,500 tonnes of dragon fruit. Main export market of Binh Thuan dragon neighboring countries in Asia. It is interesting that the link between the exporter and the grown lax dragon. Except for a very few businesses both production and export organizations, most of the rest are floating purchase, especially small collectors. This condition is difficult to control the abuse of drugs and plant protection and growth stimulants in the production of dragon fruit. Mr. Le Thanh Hai Ham United, Ham Thuan Bac district, urgent: Most people in our dragon dragon produce clean, well-known isolation of plant protection drugs at least 15 days before harvest. But, in fact, there are many traders because they want too big, too nice, "tips" for some growers using drugs that do not think about the safety of the fruit. Because of the immediate benefits, a growing number of people followed dragon. "By doing this, not the other dump your rice cooker, if someday, consumers are afraid to touch the dragon fruit. Dragon fruit all year round now, our farmers to ensure production safety , the problem is that the exporter must link closely with us to consume a stable and long-term, mutually beneficial "- Mr Hai said so.

Dragon fruit was a "poverty alleviation" and this tree is rich, not only for farmers in Binh Thuan. Binh Thuan province determine dragon fruit is one of the advantages of local products, so also had much practical work to "green dragon" fly farther.

Between January 11-2006, Intellectual Property Department (Ministry of Science and Technology) has granted registration of an appellation of origin of goods in Binh Thuan, was identified as a national property and be protected by the State for an indefinite term on a national scale. The province has also established a cooperative (cooperative) European standard dragon in Ham Minh City, Ham Thuan Nam district and the end of the month 10-2006, was cooperative international monitoring organization (IMO) recognized EUREPGAP. Recently, the dragon fruit is produced in Ham Minh cooperative has exported to the German market, starting Binh Thuan dragon fruit can reach the difficult markets in Europe, America, Japan ... However, what has been done is still modest compared with the actual requirements. Master Dao Thi Kim Dung, Director of the Center for research and development in Binh Thuan, said: dragon fruit plant bring higher profits to farmers, but the market is not stable, while the area to develop rampant, strong everyone. Between this integration, without changing the way towards quality production, Binh Thuan dragon hardly competitive advantage.

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