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The different pineapple types and pineapple styles
Monday, February 25, 2019

The different pineapple types and pineapple styles


Difference in types: There are two main types of pineapple in Viet Nam, they are Cayenne Pineapple and Queen Pineapple. How different?


-         Cayenne Pineapple: 

This name sounds exotic and spicy but the truth is that this type of pineapple is one of the most common types of pineapple sold all all over the world. Cayenne pineapple tends to be light yellow in color with a green and yellow outer shell. It has a strong acid content as well as a high sugar content which contributes then tangy-but-sweet taste that you're so familiar with as a pineapple eater. Most of the pineapples that come from Viet Nam, Hawaii or Honduras and are sold through major distributors like Dole and Del Monte are cayenne pineapples. One Hawaiian variation of this type of pineapple is a type called the Hilo pineapple which is very similar but more cylindrical in shape.


-         Queen Pineapple: 

Has anyone ever handed you a piece of pineapple that was so yellow that it was almost orange? It may have been a Queen pineapple, one of the sweetest types of pineapple available on the world market. It is preferred the most but far more expensive.


Difference in styles:

Pineapple slices. This is the most common way that people choose to cut their own fresh pineapples. If you are looking for packaged pineapple that is cut in the form of rings then you are looking for pineapple slices. People who make vegetarian burgers using pineapple usually use pineapple slices (rings).  


Pineapple pieces/chunks. People who are seeking packaged pineapple that has essentially been diced are looking for pineapple chunks. People who buy frozen pineapple usually get pineapple chunks. If you are buying pineapple to skewer for the grill then you might want pineapple chunks (although pineapple spears would be another option).


Queen Pineapple and cayenne are used to make canned pineapple, IQF Pineapple  in Viet Nam with two type of stype – slice and piece that are suitable with customer demand. We also export fresh pineapple in cool container load.



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