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Discovered a new species of ginger in Vietnam
Thursday, February 21, 2019

Discovered a new species of ginger in Vietnam


The Philippines and Singapore scientists have discovered and published a new species of ginger, found in Ben En National Park (Thanh Hoa). Dr. Nguyen Quoc Binh, Vietnam Nature Museum (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) said on 26/7/2012.

New ginger species with the scientific name is D. benenica QBNguyen & Ginger Skornick genus black (Distichochlamys). This is the 4th ginger species of the genus Black Ginger was discovered.


“Distichochlamys benenica Q.B. Nguyen & Škorničk ‘s flower.”


Only a small population of this species is found scattered under the forest canopy at a height of over 100 meters above sea level in Ben En National Park. New ginger species are found which features pink lip with a wide range in the north between the root and the leaves fall close together. Standard form of the species currently kept at the Vietnam Museum of Nature.


So far, only this specie of Ginger is considered to be endemic to the Vietnam because they have not found in any other country in the world, including neighboring countries such as China, Laos and Cambodia. 3 ginger species previously found in Bach Ma National Park, An Khe (Gia Lai) and Cuc Phuong National Park in Ninh Binh.


The discovery of a new species of ginger above was published in the journal Gardens' Bulletin Singapore 64 (1): 195-200 (2012).


Ginger (Zingiberaceae) contains valuable herbaceous ornamental plants, medicinal herbs, spices, etc. Ginger in Vietnam is quite diverse, so far learned about the more than 140 species belonging to 20 genera, or with their diverse Ginger in Thailand than with their Ginger in Laos and Cambodia.

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