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Binh Thuan dragon fruits export prospects
Thursday, February 21, 2019

Binh Thuan dragon fruits export prospects


Binh Thuan has around 13,000 hectares under dragon fruit cultivation to supply some 450,000 tons a year., goods worth more than 2,000 billion.



Binh Thuan dragon fruit are sold on the market in the form of fresh fruit, of which about 15-20% of domestic consumption and exports about 80-85%. Dragon fruit was exported to 14 countries and regions such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore (Asia), Dutch, English, French, German (European) , U.S., Canada (Americas).

Currently the province of Binh Thuan has 14 plants to collecting dragon fruits, annual exported turnover of about 30,000 tons.

Asia is the main imported market of dragon fruits. the expansion of markets in the Americas, Europe remains difficult, due to shipping distance, long-term preservation of the technical difficulties and barriers sanitary food.

In Asian, China is the main market of Binh Thuan dragon fruit consumption, but its exports turnover to this market is only about 2-3%.

For the European, after entering the Dutch market, Binh Thuan dragon fruits continues to be exported to France, England, Germany. To export to the European market, need to further strengthen the promotion, trade promotion and implementation of measures to ensure food safety.

 After a long of time, because of the incident of food safety barriers from countries like the U.S., Japan, South Korea.  From last year, dragon fruit has been prepared to meet the needs to plan deep into these difficult markets.

The plant, facility, radiation, heat treatment for dragon fruit in turn appear in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong and Binh Thuan. Contribute to the business in the province of dragon fruit exports to Japan, South Korea. It will be not worried about distances, heat-treated to wait for the shipment.

This is a good signal for the dragon fruit market. If there are more  irradiation plant in the province, they will contributes to export goods to the United States, because the irradiation also requires harvesting technology, transportation and heat treatment temperature. If Binh Thuan dragon fruit can meet these fastidious market need, It is also easy to other markets with high prices, such as New Zealand, Australia, Chile ...

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