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A guide to buy fresh fruits
Thursday, February 21, 2019

A guide to buy fresh fruits

Many varieties of fresh fruit are available all year in almost every part of the state, because of excellent transportation and storage facilities. For the greatest nutritional value and fl avor, however,choose fruits at the peak of their freshness. The guide below will help you select fresh fruits.


Peak Season

Look For


September - May

Good color for variety; fifi rm to touch.

Avoid those that are soft and mealy


June - July

Golden yellow; plump; fi rm. Avoid

pale yellow or green, very hard or soft,

shriveled and wilted ones.


All year

Yield to gentle pressure; vary in size, shape

and color from green to black. Brown

markings on skin do not lower quality


All year

Firm; bruise free; yellow touched with

green. If needed, ripen at room



September - March

Good weight for the size; milk inside still

fl uid. If no milk, coconuts are spoiled.

Avoid ones with moldy or wet-looking eyes


October - June

Firm; well-rounded; heavy for the size;

smooth textured. Avoid coarse, puffy,

rough-skinned fruit.


All year

Fairly fi rm; smooth and glossy-skinned;

heavy for size.


April - August

Solid and not too soft to touch. Can vary in

size from a plum to an apple and in color

from yellow to red. Smooth skin often

speckled with black. Green mangoes are

sometimes used in cooking.


February - August

Piney” aroma; golden yellow; slightly

soft. Ripe when leaf is easily removed.

Green fruit may not ripen properly.

Over-mature fruit may show soft watery

darker spots on the base or sides.


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