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Fish meal high quality are good activities in aquatic feed
Tuesday, February 19, 2019

 Fish meal high quality are good activities in aquatic feed

Fishmeal based mainly seasonal exploitation of coastal resources, the main part used as a fertilizer, the rest dried for a long time and was crushed into fish meal (animal feed), use the essential in the diet of poultry, pigs and fish - which have a high demand for protein ratio than species such as cattle and sheep grazing. About 90% of the world's fish meal produced from oil-fish  as maclerel, pilchard, capelin and manhaden, 10% have less than from whitefish species, from whales or other species of shell rock lime. The whole body of fish, after removing water and a little oil will be dried and ground into fish meal. White fish meal made from the non-oil fish such as pollock, cod, flat fish, stone fish, fish ... part from the internal organs of fish and after filtering. Fat in the final product accounts for 3-6%, the subsections of crab, scallops, shrimp is sometimes added. Protein quality of the liver, kidneys .. usually lower than protein quality of the entire body.

Tuna protein powder 55%

Lipids in fish meal (not the powder in fish intestine) is made from fish with 5-10% oil  . Dried materials contain 10% oil. Commonly, much of this oil can be squeezed, pressed fish during processing. Fish meal from oil-fish can be of whole body (8% oil), bulk (10% oil) or soluble form, which are sold condensed or dried form. Pressed liquid contains 13% oil and 6.5% solids, most of the oil was removed by centrifugation before the solids are condensed in the form of condensed or dried form are soluble. Most fish meal is "intact", ie that moisture powder and a little oil has been removed.

Fish meal is the most valuable component of the aquatic food and, further, it is a major component in the diet of predatory fish and shrimp. It has very good taste and quality, provide enough protein with essential fatty acids. If economic terms, it is the only source of protein in the food fishery. This is also the case similar to salmon. It is a good source of energy and its oil also has corresponding components such as vitamins, minerals and Trace elements. However, it has a high phosphorus content and easy to pollute. High quality fish meal and fish oil are good activities in aquatic feed. Fish meal in itself be used as a source of fish oil, which improves disease resistance (for animal feed), especially in the early stages of life. This may also be true for fish food.

The addition of fish meal in aquatic food also has a few differences, depending on the species, stage of development that conform the dietary and nutritional components respectively. Rate more popular, current limit from a low of 5% in catfish feed to 60% of marine fish food.

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