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Agricultural products ranked Vietnam's leading exporter
Monday, February 18, 2019

Agricultural products ranked Vietnam's leading exporter

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), the total export turnover of the industry through 2012 is estimated at 27.5 billion. In particular, the export turnover of agricultural products reached $ 15 billion; seafood reached $ 6.15 billion; wood and forest products reached $ 5 billion, compared with 2011 in turn increased by 10%, 1% and 17,6%. Notably, there are 3 items export turnover of $ 3 billion or more as rice, coffee, wood, 5 items turnover of over one billion dollars of rubber (2.86 billion USD), catfish , shrimp, cashew nuts, cassava and cassava products.Thus, there were 8 of agricultural products export stood at the top $ 1 billion.

To support the consumption of agricultural products, ensuring benefits to farmers, a series of measures taken by the Government such as: interest rate support for temporary storage of rice, frozen, stretch low-interest loans for consumption development  of agricultural product: Livestock processing pigs, poultry, fish and shrimp. Along with that, the promotion has been implemented in conjunction with proactively addressing barriers related to trade and the dynamics of the business has helped the most increase in export commodities volume (coffee, cocoa, cashew, cassava increased by over 25%).

Notably, last year, Vietnam's rice export 8 million tonnes, the highest record ever bring about $ 3.5 billion. Other export items such as: coffee, cashew, pepper ... rose to the top position in the world.

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