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Conditions of Pakistan coconut powder import
Monday, February 18, 2019

Conditions of Pakistan coconut powder import


According to the Agency  quarantine Pakistan coconut commodities exported to Pakistan, import conditions for products from Vietnam as follows:


1. Import license issued by the national plant protection agency of Pakistan (NPPO Pakistan) for the dried coconut powder exports to Pakistan.


2. Must produce the original license on the quarantine office at the port of destination


3. Products must be treated with phosphine concentrations 2g/m3 with the following conditions:


- 7 days at temperatures above 25 ° C


- 10 days at a temperature between 15 ° C - 25 ° C


Not used Phosphine if the temperature below 15 ° C


The following conditions shall apply to import shipments:


i) Before on board, sterilization staff have  to check container to ensure hygienic and air tight


ii) The empty container must be cleaned with a vacuum or steam. Accompanying sanitary certificates consignments


iii) Do not put the other goods into the container. The goods must be processed the following steam sterilization in line with Phosphine concentrations 2g/m3 7-10 days (put medicine in the container)


iv) Containers should be sealed and not made ventilation / vent at the port of departure to avoid the risk of re-infection


v) Goods are not allowed to transit through the other container or warehouse in the shipping process. Container must be sealed and ensure sealing at destination. Vents must be opened prior to the test.


4. Conditions for separate shipment


i) There are no other kinds of goods. Chamber must be cleaned and treated with deltamethrin 2.5% or disinfectant origin before shipment pyrethroids. Chamber must be treated with Phosphine concentration 2g/m3


ii) Not made ventilation / vent after watching to avoid the risk of re-infection. Do not open the cargo hold at the transit point or other intermediate locations. Just open the cargo hold at the port of arrival in Pakistan under the supervision of the quarantine officers


iii) Not allowed to convey. Cargo compartment must be sealed immediately after disinfection and remain sealed until the specified goods at the destination port of  in Pakistan and should be checked by quarantine agencies Pakistan


5. The shipment must be accompanied by the original copy of the import permit to the port in Pakistan


6. The shipment must be accompanied by a Phytosanitary certificate issued by the National Plant Protection Organization of the exporting country, the certificate is not infected with pests and residues from previous shipments.


7. The shipment must be accompanied by a certificate of disinfection by units eligible to practice in the country of origin of the goods and is certified by officials of the NPPO of the country of export for the application of Phosphine regulations.


8. At the port of destination, the shipment will be Pakistani officials quarantine inspection. If detected the pest lives or objects quarantine, shipment will be handled according to regulations or refuse import or quarantine objects, shipment will be handled in accordance with or denied or required to re-import their places of origin. Importers will have to bear the entire cost of testing, treatment or re-export.


9. Bag or wooden packing material must be treated disinfected in accordance with International Standards No. 15 (ISPM 15)

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