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Farmers in Ninh Thuan have a good cartilage season
Friday, June 12, 2020

Nông dân Ninh Thuận được mùa rong sụn

This year, the cartilage has brought bumper crops for farmers here, the average yield of 14-17 tons / ha. Particularly, many households harvest 22 tons / ha, so people are very happy. Mr. Le Van Kien of Tri Hai commune confided, after a few years of crop failure due to adverse weather effects, causing the seaweed tree to grow slowly, atrophy, curved branches ... Along with that, some omnivorous fish live. near shore biting and destroying seaweed during growth, causing algae death, forcing farmers to harvest young; many households were depressed and immediately took care of many crops, so the area decreased greatly. This year, the weather was favorable, the marine environment was stable, so people were compensated by the sea. In the November lunar calendar of 2017, I stocked two sao (2,000m2) of water surface, costing more than VND 10 million. Now, 50 million dong has been sold, all debts have been paid before

The special advantages of seaweed cartilage are, seaweed cartilage has a short growing time and early harvest. In particular, after stocking in the sea for about 20 days, the cluster of algae will grow two or three times larger than the original stocking, so the farmer can extract more seeds to continue expanding the area. farming without the cost of buying a seed. On average, each well-developed cluster of weeds can weigh more than 3 kg, so only two to three months can be harvested.

It is known that cartilage seaweed is a nutrient-dense plant, containing high levels of protein, sugar, minerals and many vitamins A, C, E ... as well as essential amino acids for the body. In particular, seaweed cartilage is the main raw material used to extract carrageenan, a bio-polimer that has wide applications in food, non-food, cosmetic, medicine, and pharmaceutical industries. Seaweed cartilage is not only of high economic value, but also one of the biological treatment solutions to improve water quality in aquaculture areas and is very suitable for the coastal areas in Ninh Thuan. This is an opportunity for Ninh Thuan to develop specific products in the future.

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