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Vietnamese lemon attracts attention in the Japanese market
Thursday, March 26, 2020


Workshop on promoting trade and investment in agriculture in Wakayama (Japan) has taken place with many important activities. The seminar opened up clear and positive opportunities for trade and cooperation in agricultural development between Japan and Vietnam.

In particular, the opportunity to bring seedless lime (lime) of Vietnamese farmers in Ben Luc Long An area to penetrate the Japanese market has a strict reputation for quality standards.

During the meeting, Mr. Yoshinobu Nisaka, Governor of Wakayama Province, Japan was very interested in the situation of agricultural development cooperation between Vietnam and Japan in general as well as Wakayama and Long An provinces in particular.

The governor of Wakayama province - Japan made a remark with the agricultural characteristics of the two localities, it is very feasible for Long An province to process high quality agricultural products for export to Japan. In addition, Long An can also send laborers to support agricultural production in Wakayama.


Facing opportunities to bring agricultural products and intensive products into “difficult” markets in Japan, the leaders of Chanh Viet Joint Stock Company are pleased to share the green lemon and citrus preparations from Vietnamese farmers. Japanese side learn attention.

“Besides seedless green lime, the Japanese side loves the products from fresh green lemon such as pure lemon powder, instant lime powder, instant lemon juice, canned lemon powder, lemon powder for seasoning ... Dried slices, lime leaves, dried lemon rinds and special lemon essential oils are all Japanese want. When learning and knowing that these products are deeply processed from stable material areas and meet quality standards, the Japanese side expressed its interest in cooperating with Vietnam. That's really a good opportunity to enhance the value chain for fresh lemons, from which farmers will benefit more than just exporting raw materials. ”, Dr. Kha Chan Tuyen (Nong Lam University) Agricultural research experts attending this promotion conference observe and comment.


Before the ability to penetrate the Japanese market is a reality, Mr. Nguyen Van Hien (Chairman of Chanh Viet Company) shared: “Currently the seedless lemon material area on the farm is always stable, properly cultivated. Technical and quality control strictly. Research experts, dedicated teachers from many agricultural intensive universities in Vietnam and countries with high-quality agricultural experience such as USA, Australia, Malaysia ... are also supporting us. and farmers have so many aspects to develop. Therefore, we have certain confidence that fresh lemons and fresh lemon-based products of Vietnamese farmers in Ben Luc, Long An will have a good foothold in the Japanese market in the near future. ”

Before that, Chanh Viet Company had "carried lemon to beat the country" in many markets and exported to some European countries. Most recently Vietnamese deep-lime-green products have attracted the attention of many partners from the Halal market - products that want to supply this market must meet the necessary standards and certified for Muslims.

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