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Plum curing stomach ulcers
Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Cuttle powder has a salty, acrid taste, a slightly fishy odor, warmth, non-toxic, has analgesic, astringent, anti-ulcer, blood-only effect, used alone or in combination with some other medicinal herbs. Cuttlefish has a blood-clearing effect, except for low welding, hemostasis, scraping, drinking stomach acid, curing premature nephrotic kidneys, and pregnant women with dry blood (spread of drinking powder), defecating. blood, internal hemorrhoids, blood, haemorrhage, purulent discharge and wound bleeding

To use as a medicine, people take the shells to scrape off the hard shells outside, soak in water until the salt is gone, then dry or dry, when using powdered powder. For best quality cuttlefish, use thicker cuttlefish. Mai ink as white chalk does not break is the best type.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bột nang mực

Cure stomach ulcers, duodenum, heartburn, defecation of apples:

Cuttlefish 20g, licorice 12g, pudding 6g sample, small, fine sieve. Take 2 times daily, 6g each time 30 minutes before meals. Or use: Mai 60g squid, 30g baked sample, 30g yellow star rice, royal gold star 20g, 20g yellow chicken gizzard, licorice 20g, borax 10g. All pulverized, sifted flour. Take 2 times a day between 2 meals, each time 4-8g with warm water.

Coughing up blood:

Finely grated cuttlefish, taking 4-8g cappuccino powder on day. Use 7-10 days, take a week off, then resume if necessary.

Cure bloody defecation: Grilled squid with apricot powder, powdered with each drink 4-8g with water of wood.

Cure ear discharge: 2g cuttlefish, 0.4g musk, very small canopy, take a clean cotton swab and gently dab the ear into the ear.

Cures oranges, nose ulcers, ear infections: Cuttlefish 12g, 12g cymbals, 12g bar, 12g pink persimmon, 12g red cells, 12g multiples, white almonds 12g, alum 8g, apricot blossom 4g . Each star separately, except single pink, apricot blossom, bar, then spread fine powder, mix well. When using powdered powder on wounds, sores.

Cure minor burns: Take the cuttlefish burned into charcoal, sifted fine flour, mixed with sesame oil or coconut oil into a paste, applied twice a day. About 1 week the burn will shrink and heal.

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