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Cayen pineapple dried plastic, goods are no longer flushed market
Friday, December 13, 2019

Cayen pineapple is one of the specific agricultural products, has been certified with the trademark of Don Duong and the town of Dran is the key cayen pineapple cultivation area. With a total current pineapple planting area of about 100 hectares, of which 75 hectares are for harvest, cayen pineapple is both a specialized crop, and an intercrop with some other crops such as persimmon and coffee. Pineapple D’Ran pineapple, sweet, big fruit has been famous for a long time. However, due to the market, fragrant yellow pineapples sometimes struggle because of low prices. Born and raised in the land of pineapple and persimmon, the young Nguyen Hong Toan is determined to produce specialties of his hometown to introduce to consumers nationwide. Products that Toan and his colleagues choose are pink and cayenne pineapple. Toan said: "My hometown is only pink with pineapple, I want to bring pineapple to all parts of the country and beyond to reach the world market with my dried pineapple product." From that aspiration, Dranrosa brand was born with two main products: persimmon and dried pineapple.

dua cayen dem say deo, hang khong con bi doi cho hinh anh 1

With the technology of drying the fruit, Toan and his friends have processed the rough mango pineapples into slices of pineapple to keep the sweet aroma and sweet and sour taste. Therefore, many orders came to Dranrosa. Currently, Dranrosa processes with a drying capacity of 250 kg / day. Dranrosa collects pineapple from D’Ran farmers as a source of input material. Ms. Huynh Thi Thanh Huong, a pineapple farmer in Phu Thuan village, D'Ran is supplying goods to Dranrosa: “In the past, pineapple cultivation only sold to markets or traders, since Toan established the company. dried pineapple to sell it more stable, not afraid of falling prices.

Paying special attention to the needs of consumers, Toan said: “Pineapple is a disease-less plant, but we look forward to giving consumers the best products. Currently, Dranrosa is planting more than 3 hectares of pineapple in the direction of Vietgap, organic pineapples as a raw material area and also orienting people to grow clean, organic pineapples to produce the best products. In the near future, we hope to obtain clean agricultural product certificates so that consumers can feel secure about the origin of the products ” Toan and his friends actively help the farmers around the pineapple growing area in an organic way to create a stable material area.

dua cayen dem say deo, hang khong con bi doi cho hinh anh 2

Processing and preserving post-harvest is a concern of many agricultural products, because if they only stop consuming raw and fresh products, their output will be limited. Therefore, plastic dried cayenne pineapple products are receiving a lot of attention from the community. Mr. Tran Thanh Vu - Chairman of D'Ran Town People's Committee commented: “At present, cayen pineapple is a staple crop of farmers, previously it was only sold fresh but since the company has dried plastic, Local people have more consumption channels, so the local authorities are also very interested and look forward to the expansion model to sell goods to farmers. We also create great conditions for young people to participate in the exchange of learning places to improve their technical skills and actively find outlets for products. ”

From the enthusiasm of the young friends, Don Duong Cayen has an additional consumption channel, packages of pineapple-dried soft pineapple followed the consumers' footsteps across the country. The pineapple cayen brand is known for a new look, and also opens a new door for farmers to be more assured in production.

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