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Coconut wax Tra Vinh – Exclusive Brand
Thursday, February 14, 2019

Coconut wax Tra Vinh –  Exclusive Brand

Coconut wax was also called Coconut candle, as a special of Tra Vinh hometown, the most famous is in Cau Ke district.

According to local elders in Cau Ke, coconut wax derived from coconut  like coconut in the Philipines, but the seedlings by a professor he bought from Cambodia in 1942.

Coconut wax just another normal in the left colon, left, leaves, bark, soil conditions coconut no different. After more than half a century plant, accumulated  a lot of experience, Cau Ke farmers who breed  5 varieties of coconut wax : circular wax, long wax, wax edges, green shells and waxes and yellow skin.

The thick of intestine  coconut wax is usually double (or triple)  than the intestine normal coconut, consists of three parts: the gut beside shell look less soft  , the intestine exposed  to coconut water is soft and very flexible, the remain is coconut milk ( less water than the normal coconut, viscous liquid , slightly sweet taste). Almost of  coconut wax is primarily scraped  its meat out to eat directly. Flexible piece of coconut, sweet, aromatic and a little fat is not hard to please visitors to Tra Vinh. Coconut wax is also used to grind vitamin( sugar, milk, ice) which very tasty drink. Some restaurants also use coconut wax mixed with the chopped cube fruit as attractive dessert to serve the customer.

Average price of a coconut wax is often the price of 70 common coconuts, an average price is 120,000 to 200,000/ left. In the scarce time, to find a coconut wax, the cost is up to 250,000- 400,000VND/left, depending on the quality and the size of it.

According of  the chairman of Gardening Tra Vinh, Le Van Be, he said: “ in the 1980s, no one bought coconut wax, now “standing”, it turns into “gold”, that are fun. I hope the price of wax remain as it is now”. The joy of him as well as farmers in Cau Ke were multiplied when the January/ 2013, coconut wax Tra Vinh was hand out the Certificate of label mark by the Intellectual Property Department ( Ministry of Science and Technology). This means that the coconut wax Tra Vinh is recognized as the exclusive brand in nationwide.

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