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Phan Thiet specialty dried fish for export in Japan
Thursday, December 12, 2019

Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan province is famous for its fishing and seafood processing industry. The profession of drying fish was also born long ago, deliciously famous in the near and far. The whole city currently has about 20 businesses. To Phan Thiet, tourists often buy rim tamarind squid, especially dried squid - shrimp - fish of this sea as a gift.


In order to make a good batch of quality fish, the stages of selecting raw materials, pre-processing, soaking, drying and packaging of finished products must undergo rigorous processing process, ensuring hygiene.

The owner of Hai Nam Co., Ltd. (27 Nguyen Thong, Phu Hai) said that the offshore raw fish will be stored in a cooler, transported directly to the processing factory. Fish temperature is checked continuously, must be below 10 degrees Celsius for best preservation.

Before buying, the owner used a test paper to measure chemicals on the fish. If the test paper does not change color, make sure the fish is clean, free of chemicals and heavy metals. Fish must also be fresh, clear eyes, use your hands to press the body not subsidence, not loose, elastic quickly.

In the preliminary processing area, fresh fish is washed, cut head, made intestines, and then rinsed many times with clean water from Phan Thiet water plant. The next step is to enter the mixer absorbing sugar, salt ... imported from a qualified supplier. After the plate is marinated, fish are transferred to expose to the non-contaminating grates, away from the ground to limit dirt.

In sunny conditions, fish can reach the ideal moisture level after a day of exposure. Workers will remove fish from the grill and bake it by machine, ensuring even ripening on all sides. Finally, retest the sensory, microbiological indicators, antibiotic limit targets ... before packaging the finished product, putting it on the market.


With an output of 55 tons per year, the current dried fish of the coastal city Phan Thiet is consumed at home and abroad. Products are also exported to fastidious markets such as Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong (China), North America and Western Europe.

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