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Accounting for 70% of export volume, China is a big market of Vinamit
Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Nguyen Lam Vien, Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of Vinamit Joint Stock Company, said that in 2018, this unit exported about 1,600 tons of dried jackfruit to the international market. Particularly in China, this figure is 1,100 tons.

Chiem 70% san luong XK, Trung Quoc la thi truong lon cua Vinamit hinh anh 1 

According to Mr. Vien, since 2000, the company has been one of the official export units to the Chinese market. With a large area of territory, a large population, the East Asian country is highly appreciated by Vinamit leaders for its consumption potential, compared to other fastidious markets such as Japan, South Korea or Europe.

Mr. Vien emphasized: “If sold at too low prices, businesses will fall into the dumping situation when China stops buying. Instead, businesses should build brands, improve product quality to seriously compete in this market.

Chiem 70% san luong XK, Trung Quoc la thi truong lon cua Vinamit hinh anh 2 

Despite its good quality, Vinamit still faces many obstacles when it attacks the crowded market such as the fusion of fake goods and organic certification from the Chinese Government.

“We decided to register for organic certification of China. Meanwhile, Vinamit products will be more effectively monitored by the government and we can sell products at the standard price of organic products, ”Mr. Vien said.

Earlier, Vietnamese brands were certified organic by the US and EU. But when it came to China, the company still had to re-register from the beginning to be guided and followed the practice of this standard for 3 consecutive years, as well as receiving rigorous inspection from the review team every year.

The inspection and evaluation is conducted right on the farm. Authorities will actually count the total number of trees, fruit yield and grant only the correct planting area, number of trees and fruit output respectively. Other plants (pineapples, bananas, etc.) grown on soil with similar methods and procedures but without fruit are not certified.

Chiem 70% san luong XK, Trung Quoc la thi truong lon cua Vinamit hinh anh 3 

An important difference of Chinese organic certification is that businesses must buy stamps and affix stamps on each product package before being sold on the market. Customs authorities of the host country and China will control the stamps, along with the specific provisions on the certificate for cross-checking.

Mr. Vien said that in Vietnam, only Vinamit has this certificate from China. The certificate is issued for 2 products: fresh jackfruit and dried jackfruit (including vacuum jackfruit and freeze-dried jackfruit). This is the basis for Vietnamese brands to better export to this market.

This year, Vinamit's expected revenue will increase by 50%. Mr. Vien said that investment in the past years has brought fruit to Vinamit. From vegetables, organic fruits, the company will have more organic meat, dried fruit juice ... promising to bring big revenue. The company also plans to open an organic product distribution channel this year, focusing on online sales.

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