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Soursop for export is extremely popular in foreign markets
Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Vietnam is the nursery land of many delicious, clean and nutritious fruits. Among them, soursop exports have somewhat built up its reputation in the international market, favored by most consumers.

Soursop is a benign fruit, good for health. White meat, thick, sweet and sour taste, delicious. This is the main export fruit of Vietnam today.

Trái mãng cầu xiêm bị đắng.

Exported to foreign markets, custard apple quickly conquered consumers' tastes. This fruit is delicious, pleasant sour taste, extremely easy to eat. From custard apple, people can process a multitude of delicious foods and drinks: custard apple, custard, smoothie, jam, ice cream, ... Especially how to make soursop, jam, etc. Extremely simple, everyone makes at home. Soursop eat too much does not cause heat. Therefore this is the most popular fruit in the summer

In addition to soft drinks, soursop also has extremely high therapeutic value. Because of its high content of vitamin C and antioxidants, soursop helps to increase the body's resistance, kill harmful bacteria, reduce the risk of infection.

Older people, children who want stronger bones and teeth should use custard apple because this fruit is high in phosphorus and calcium. In addition, custard apple is also known as a fruit with good health recovery thanks to its high content of carbohydrate and fructose. For patients with diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract, the abundant fiber in custard apple is the golden medicine in health.


What makes soursop exports more popular is the ability to support the treatment of cancer. According to experts from South Korea, the effect that custard fruit brings is 1,000 times higher than conventional chemotherapy. On the other hand, it did not cause any effect. Compared to other treatments, fruits are safe for health.

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