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FMCG Market Story and K PEPER Green Breakthrough
Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Ông Phan Minh Thông giới thiệu Tiêu sấy lạnh K PEPPER

Breakthrough with cold pepper products

On November 26, Phuc Sinh Group officially launched the product of Chilled Pepper and Pepper Sauce - belonging to K PEPPER brand. This is the first time in Vietnam market, consumers can enjoy the natural fresh taste of pepper in daily meals. K PEPPER pepper is an investment of 50 billion VND for scientific research and application in production, based on the technology of white pepper drying which the company has succeeded in the export market. Through the first refrigeration technology of Phuc Sinh Group, K PEPPER refrigerated pepper preserves the natural green color of green pepper which is harvested two to three months before maturity, while ensuring sufficient concentration of pungent essence. of the old pepper core and has a light, sweet, naturally fresh flavor of the green pepper skin is kept intact. K PEPPER peppercorns are used as an indispensable spice for many dishes prepared by housewives, in accordance with Vietnamese and worldwide culinary styles.

Sharing about the "upstream" path of bringing products to the domestic market after being exported to many places, Mr. Phan Minh Thong, Chairman of the Phuc Sinh Group, who was named the Vietnamese Pepper King, said the company has invested in a sustainable pepper growing area with farmers many years ago. Since 2015, in line with K COFFEE's construction strategy - bringing 100% pure pure coffee "From Farm to Cup" (From Garden to Cup) to Vietnamese consumers, the company has set a vision and determination to bring to quality seasoning products, with deep processing from clean, natural ingredients. K PEPPER - Chilli pepper and Pepper Sauce are two typical products of Phuc Sinh Group's "From Farm to Dish" standard which have been verified, received and exported from 2017 to the present. in international markets. “When I do too much with foreign people, many people ask why come to Vietnam and not see these products? As a big producer, we think we have to start working immediately to provide Vietnamese people with clean, quality spices, products derived from Vietnamese agricultural products, of Vietnamese businesses, ” Mr. Phan Minh Thong emphasized.

Sản phẩm Tiêu sấy lạnh K PEPPER cùng nhiều sản phẩm nhóm hàng hạt tiêu khác của CTCP Phúc Sinh

Improving the value of Vietnamese agricultural products

Vietnam is the largest pepper exporting country in the world market. With over 140 hectares of pepper growing area (down from 149,000 hectares), in the first 10 months of 2019, Vietnam's pepper exports reached 631 million USD, down 7.2% while the volume increased by 21.2% due to export prices. Average reduction. Phuc Sinh itself is the leading enterprise when exporting every year from 25,000 - 28,000 tons of pepper. However, Vietnamese pepper is still not associated with products with deep processing and high added value like many other countries. This is the concern of the head of Phuc Sinh Group. Mr. Phan Minh Thong said that only the deep processing path, creating breakthrough products will help businesses continue to stand firm in the market. The evidence is clear that after the chilli pepper was released to the market, the selling price was 6 times higher than the regular black pepper price. Specifically, if the export of black pepper is only VND 60,000 / kg (USD 2.5 / kg), equivalent to VND 60 million / ton (USD 2,500 / ton), the chilled pepper can be kept in a glossy green color. and natural flavors are sold at prices of VND 330,000 - VND 430,000 / kg (USD 14 - 18 / kg), respectively VND 330 million - VND 430 million / ton (USD 14,000 - VND 18,000 / ton).

Currently the capacity of Phuc Sinh refrigerated pepper is only about 25 tons / year and orders from partners are increasing. So this unit will invest to double capacity in the next two years, of which about 40% of supply to the domestic market. “If they only sell black pepper or pure coffee as traditionally before, not only low profits but also the company will regress because corporations in the world have created a chain of production and supply chains. everywhere. Although exports will be easier, getting fresh money compared to domestic businesses has more difficulties such as long-term liabilities, more informal costs ... But we still want to pursue the path of providing clean products. , safety and high quality not only for the world market but also for Vietnamese consumers. I wish everyone looking at pepper will remember Phuc Sinh and of course will remember Vietnam pepper, ”Mr. Phan Minh Thong shared.

Joining the consumer products market (FMCG), Phuc Sinh also plans to gradually provide more spices such as cinnamon, star anise, chili, cashew ... with international standards and standards. highest.

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