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Ninh Thuan develops many high quality grape varieties Ninh Thuan develops many high quality grape varieties
Friday, November 29, 2019

Mrs. Truong Thi Thu Thao's family (Phuoc Dan town, Ninh Phuoc district) is one of the first households in Ninh Thuan province to successfully cultivate American red seedless Scarlotta grape variety. Scarlotta grapes grow and develop on the basis of the rootstocks of wild grapes. This is a new grape variety which does not need to be treated like any other grape on the market; big, elongated berries, red to dark red when ripe, firm flesh, crunchy, cool sweet taste.

Ms. Thao shared that nearly 200 Scarlotta vines were tested on an area of over 500m2 with the same planting and care techniques similar to the traditional Red Cardinal red grape variety. Scarlotta grapes are resistant to pests and diseases, suitable for the hot and dry climate of the locality. After 5 months of planting, trees begin to harvest, 2 crops a year. Under intensive conditions, a Scarlotta grape produces an average harvest of over 50 kg. In the coming time, Ms. Thao said that she will continue to expand this new grape variety.

The owner of Toan Thinh grape seed supply establishment in Phuoc Dan town, Mr. Nguyen Vui said that imported grapes often have attractive shapes, colors, big fruits, crispy, firm meat and sweet, not sour taste. or intense sweetness. The facility is currently transferring new grape varieties such as Scarlotta, Kyoho, Black Queen, French grape, Shine Muscat originating from USA, Australia, Japan, France, and Israel for farmers to grow and replicate for economic development.

Mr. Pham Dung, Director of Ninh Thuan Department of Planting and Plant Protection evaluated, initially the experimental planting model of some imported grapes such as Scarlotta showed that the plants grow and develop in accordance with the climate. local. In the coming time, the agricultural sector will continue to coordinate with households to monitor, research and perfect the production process, care and transfer to farmers to diversify high-quality grape products.

With the desire to increase the competitiveness of Ninh Thuan grapes in the market, over the past time, the functional branch of the province has implemented scientific research projects, restored, successfully bred and tested some varieties. new grape seedless like NH 04 - 61, NH 04 - 128, NH 01 - 152 and are transferred to people to grow and replicate.

In order to increase profit per unit of cultivated area for growers, the province has instructed departments and branches to coordinate with related units to continue researching and developing new high-quality grape varieties and imported grape varieties; at the same time, applying scientific and technical advances in grape production according to VietGAP standards; combine the development of eco-tourism to visit vineyards, promote the brand of local high-quality grapes.

Ninh Thuan currently has more than 1,200 hectares of grapes; in which, two fresh grape varieties are put into mass production: Red Cardinal red grape (about 80% of the current grape area) and green grape NH 01- 48. Particularly green grape NH01- 48 is considered as grape variety. eat fresh, high quality but yield, quality is only stable in areas with suitable climatic and soil conditions.

Therefore, the development of new quality grape varieties with high economic value will contribute to the goal of restructuring the agricultural sector of the province in the future.

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