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Gac fruit - "heaven" is expensive
Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Fruit "paradise" expensive goods

“Organic Gac is expensive? Don't dare, just use cow dung to grow microorganisms but not to be called an organic standard ”- Mr. Viet said. Perhaps the honesty that Mr. Viet became a reliable hub, while many other places are secretive output.

Mr. Viet planted at home 40 rootstocks (Long Dinh 2 variety and Gac hybrid of Southern Fruit Institute). 3 years, he earns 60-70 million VND from the garden each year. He said, each land can grow from 32 to 40 roots, each price of 15,000 to 20,000 VND, the poor can live.

Gac is known as a "paradise" fruit because of its anti-aging properties, previously this fruit was only considered a spice to cook sticky rice, candies. Now, thanks to the medicinal value, Gac fruit is used in the pharmaceutical industry, taking Gac oil with the ingredients of vitamins A and E, the content of carotenoids in Gac seed membrane (about 480 - 497mg / g); especially high lycopene content (from 380 - 408mg / g) 10 times of tomatoes, and is considered an advantage when preparing anti-aging pharmaceuticals. Gac root (also known as male room) is a medicine used to treat back pain, tendon fatigue.

Ông Nguyễn Văn Việt (trái) - người kiên trì phát triển gấc thành cây “sinh kế bền vững”

Mr. Viet said that Gac seeds (dried from the ripe fruit) can be processed into dried powder or pressed oil, are precious medicinal herbs, the garden price is 15,000 VND / kg, and the selling price in Ho Chi Minh City is VND 30,000 / kg. Fruit 10kg get 1kg Gac raw material; and for exporters, 12kg of Gac membrane (dried and split Gac) must get 1kg of oil.

Starting a project

Gac quality depends on the breed and soil. Many Gac farmers abuse chemical fertilizers or use stimulants to make Gac ripe early and of poor quality. Gac trees are not suitable in Tra Vinh, farmers do not have outputs, many reports mentioned. Therefore, many times, Mr. Viet suggested that Gac trees should be included in the structure of climate change adaptive crops, which are "livelihood trees" of the poor, and are "ignored".

But the Mekong Delta Adaptation Project (AMD), funded by the International Agricultural Development Fund (IFAD), said: "Gac trees can help eradicate poverty sustainably". Gac intensive farming demonstration in Tra Vinh has an area of 9ha with 33 households in Hiep Hoa and Truong Tho communes (Cau Ngang) and Phuong Thanh commune (Cang Long) participating. They were supported by the project according to the agricultural extension norms, including: 100% of seeds and 30% of supplies and technical staff monitoring the model during implementation. The funding support is 690 million dong.

First harvest in July 2016, the average yield of about 50 tons / ha, the minimum contract selling price of 7,000 VND / kg (currently traders deliver in Ho Chi Minh City at 12,000 VND / kg). Calculated, for every ha of Gac, farmers earn about 270 million / year or more, 5 times higher than rice and 3 times higher than crops. From the 2nd year onwards, Gac fruit will yield over 60 tons / ha / year. The cost of input materials is only about 2,500 - 3,000 VND / kg Gac, thanks to farmers using cow dung to transplant trichoderma mushrooms from scientists of Can Tho University.

When the results were announced by AMD project, the new Gac tree had a "living way". “When there was an opinion that Gac tree could not grow, I explained it very hard! It took me many years to come to Ho Chi Minh City to find buyers with standards for each type ”- Mr. Viet said.

Mr. Viet planted at home 40 rootstocks (Long Dinh 2 variety and Gac hybrid of Southern Fruit Institute). 3 years, he earns 60-70 million VND from the garden each year. He said, each land can grow from 32 to 40 roots, each price of 15,000 to 20,000 VND, the poor can live. Mr. Thomas Rath - IFAD Program Manager in Vietnam, was satisfied with this result.

Vietnamese engineers are about to retire, but continue to prove "Gac is a livelihood tree for the poor". "If I don't persevere, I push the" paradise "tree into hell," Viet said.

Kỹ thuật trồng cây Gấc

Mr. Nguyen Cong Suat - Director of Vietnam Vegetable Oils and Food Processing Joint Stock Company, who is known as the "Gac king" in Vietnam today, said: Gac is an easy-to-grow tree that can live in any terrain from hedge banks, fences to ditch banks, hills ... wherever Gac can be climbed, investment costs are low, no need to spray pesticides. Currently Gac raw material used to process oil is very lacking because it is difficult to gather Gac concentrated in one region, one area, which is scatteredly planted in many places. “As our company has built a Gac material area of thousands of hectares in the provinces of Hai Duong, Hung Yen, Thai Binh, Hai Phong and recently, I have also developed in some northern mountainous provinces such as Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang. In places where planted, Gac fruit grows very well, giving high economic efficiency ”- Mr. Su said.

According to Mr. productivity, about the economic efficiency, it can be affirmed that planting Gac is "playing and eating", farmers just planted Gac trees on the ground and waited for the date of collecting fruits. Staging to climb Gac is also made of simple materials such as bamboo poles, waste telephone wire ... so inexpensive. Often Gac root for each range of 20-30 results, weight 1-1.5kg / fruit, with the price of about 8,000-9,000 VND / kg. Just planted a Gac root if taken good care, was able to earn from 3-4 million

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