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Food products made from coconut
Thursday, February 14, 2019

Food products made from coconut

  1. Copra : rice coconut are under sun or dried to 6-7% moisture content, this is the traditional product from coconut used to make pressed coconut oil. Currently dried  rice coconut output greatly reduced due to lower profit from pressed coconut oil.


  1. Rough coconut oil: is extracted from dried coconut meat, then through the filtering stage, the oil is extracted by the method of forced to go through the stage of dry refined to remove color, odor became oil (cooking oil) with major fatty acid is lauric acid (47.3%) have average carbon vessels, rather than to use it for processing food products and chemicals for industrial use.
  2. Cake coconut oil: is coconut residue remaining after extraction of juice coconut oil is used as animal feed, coconut pulp also contains about 20% protein, 45% carbohydrate, 11% fiber with coconut oil and minerals other.
  3. Pure coconut oil: oil is extracted from fresh coconut presses by the wet pressing method, the coconut oil is colorless, characteristic odor, price of pure coconut oil coconut oil 3-4 times higher than the extraction force by dry pressing method. Pure coconut oil is mainly used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, high-end food. According to research of a the national coconut, drink two teaspoons of pure coconut oil every day will prevent heart disease, obesity, prevent cholesterol, SARS, inhibit and limit the spread of HIV / AIDS.
  4. Desiccated coconut meat: fresh coconut meat is ground into different sizes, drying and packaging. Desiccated coconut is used as raw materials for the confectionery industry, is eaten directly to additional fat coconut water for countries don't have coconut like the Middle East ....
  5. Coconut milk and coconut milk powder: coconut juice pressed from fresh coconut meat, through the processing, sterilization, packaging. Coconut milk is very convenient to use for drinking, food processing need to add coconut milk or fresh food dessert. Coconut milk powder is coconut flour from coconut milk obtained after spray drying, which uses the same as coconut milk.
  6. Cream of coconut: coconut juice concentrate or coconut wax pureed partially replace cow's milk in ice cream ingredients and processing. Coconut cream scented wax characteristics of coconut fat and very attractive.
  7. Cheese coconut  and Coconut Yogurt: the corresponding fermentation products of coconut milk.
  8. Coconut candy: the product of a concentrated mixture of sugar, coconut milk and  concentrate malt. Currently in the world there are many types of coconut candy but mostly hard coconut candy,soft coconut candy specialty is very typical of Vietnam.

10. Coconut jelly: Product is fermented coconut water, forming a thick layer of cellulose agar, in substance, coconut jelly does not contain many nutrients for human health, but it is a dessert dish for easy digestion, anti-obesity and when cooked in a sugar syrup increases the energy of the products.

11. Coconut sugar and coconut wine: the product concentrates bile extracted from coconut flower immature (unopened mo), similar to brown sugar plant jaggery, coconut sugar from the nectar of specific aroma of coconut and more amount. Coconut wine is a specialty drink of the popular coconut planting countries such as the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia Coconut Wine is distilled from fermented coconut nectar. Each flower can be obtained from coconut coconut nectar 20-30 liters worth five times the value of the counter coconut and large demand on the market, but getting the security is no longer left receiver. Also coconut nectar vinegar can also be used for processing food.

12. Jam coconut: Hard coconut trees (10 months old) peel off the brown skin, thin cells, mixed with sugar and slugs until dry, powdered sugar coat around the coconut pieces. This is a very traditional product is used in the New Year.

13. Canned fresh coconut water: coconut water of nipa 8 months sterile processing and canning, sometimes processors adds young coconut meat fibers to increase the attractiveness of the product. Fresh coconut water has long been considered a healthy water, sanitation FAO recommends using.

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