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Nam Roi grapefruit export
Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Farmers in Binh Minh Town rejoice, because the grapefruit will export officially to China. This is a good signal for people planting pomelos in the direction of VietGAP. According to many people planting pomelos, the revenue from pomelos will be very high later

From the bridge of Can Tho, looking down on the pomelo growing area in My Hoa commune, Binh Minh town seems to have everywhere grapefruit balls and grapefruit roots weaving in the ground. The branches spread grapefruit, bringing the fruit to cool down the whole road like welcoming guests

Mr. Nguyen Van Phi, Chairman of My Hoa Commune People's Committee, said that My Hoa pomelo has been certified GlobalGAP, but the area is not much, just over 10ha.

At present, My Hoa commune has established a Nam Roi pomelo THT under the VietGAP program.

Mr. Nguyen Van Em, Head of THROU Nam Roi My Hoa Pomelo Production Center said: THT we have just received GAP 50 ha technical support from the Southern Fruit Institute in My Khanh 1, My Khanh 2 and My Hung 1 hamlets. So THT has reached an area of nearly 150 hectares.

Thanks to planting pomelos in a clean direction, many traders have come to place orders, but these years farmers have no longer worried about output and are sold at high prices.

According to people planting grapefruit this year did not win the season like the previous years because of the weather, but in return the price is about 10,000 - 12,000 VND / kg higher than the same period last year.

Mr. Luu Minh Hau, in My Hoa commune, who is harvesting 3.5 grapefruit Nam Roi grapefruit happily said: At present, traders come to the garden to buy buckets from 35,000 to 40,000 VND / kg depending on the type of beautiful and ugly with leaves and branches to serve XK. For this pomelos crop, the family has a profit of about 70 million.

Mr. Le Van Duong, owner of the second largest grapefruit barn in the Binh Minh grapefruit growing area, said that on average, every day, he buys 10-15 tons of grapefruit from farmers to transport to Ho Chi Minh City and has a shipment to Ha Internal export to China.

Normally in the last months of the year, the purchasing volume of traders increases many times higher than that of weekdays to serve the domestic Tet market and export

According to the Economic Department of Binh Minh Town, the whole town has more than 2,000 ha of Nam Roi pomelo, concentrated mainly in the communes of My Hoa, Dong Thanh and Thuan An, providing the annual market of over 25,000 tons.

From the beginning until now, the area of growing Nam Roi pomelos in Binh Minh has been certified GlobalGAP and VietGAP, which has helped the pomelo growers become more economical.

On average, the yield of pomelos reached from 30 tons / ha / year, the price was stable, giving farmers an income of 360 - 600 million VND.

Currently, specialty of Nam Roi pomelos is copyrighted worldwide. The name Wildboi has appeared in big supermarkets in Netherlands, Russia, Hong Kong, Philippines ...

In 1969, in the South's trade fair, Nam Roi grapefruit was awarded a gold medal. Since then, Nam Roi Nam Roi pomelo has won many awards continuously. This is the pride of the people of Binh Minh.

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