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Last-season chilli pepper has a high price in Dong Thap
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Dong Thap province grows many types of chili such as: Chanh Phong, Thien Ngoc, Sen Hong, Two Arrows, Buffalo Horn, Chi Thien, Bung, Rocket 106, ... Mr. Tu Chanh in Phuong Tra commune, Cao Lanh city It is known that the beginning of the chili crop costs more than 20,000 VND / kg, by early June 2019 traders come to the place to buy for 45,000 VND / kg. At this price, chilli growers profit more than VND 300 million / ha.

Mr. Nguyen Van Ut, Tan My commune, Thanh Binh district regretted that his chili crop was soon sold for more than VND 25,000 / kg, but he still earned nearly VND 200 million / ha. Mr. Ut added, according to calculations after 2 months of planting, chili started to harvest and each harvest for 3 batches of fruit, the average yield of 15-20 tons / ha. A chili crop is more profitable than rice cultivation by VND 170 million / ha / year.

The most popular peppers in Dong Thap are Chanh Phong, Thien Ngoc and Hai Mui Ten peppers because of their beautiful color, very spicy taste, and high nutritional value. Chili is processed into products such as: dried salt, chili powder, vinegar pickled chili, chili sauce or fresh chilli frozen for consumption ... Therefore, chili has become a crop of high economic value. , for domestic consumption and export.

The delegation of Dong Thap Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has just come to investigate and orient investment in developing key agricultural products of Thanh Binh district, mainly chili. Currently, the main consumer market for chili in the district is the Chinese market, exported via non-quota ways. Currently, chili production area in Thanh Binh district is over 1,500 ha / year, accounting for 85% of chilli area in the whole province. The islets and communes along the Tien river are the areas with many favorable and effective areas of chili growing in Thanh Binh district. Fresh chilli production is over 22,500 tons / year. There are 25 purchasing facilities and agents in the district.

Up to now, Thanh Binh chili product has been granted a collective trademark certificate by "Department of Intellectual Property" for Thanh Phong agricultural cooperative, Tan Binh Ha hamlet, Tan Hue commune, Tan Hue commune, Thanh Binh district. is a crop that is transformed from rice land to chilli cultivation very effectively in Dong Thap province, which is currently highly priced and replicated.

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