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Coconut prize is increasing, but supply does not meet demand
Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Coconut prize is increasing, but supply does not meet demand.


  • Less coconut to supply


Within the recent one month, coconut growers are excited because of the increasing of coconut price, nearly double. Last month, the price was around 40.000 - 50.000 VND/dozen (14 units, or 12 units). Two months ago, the price was at 30.000 - 35.000 VND/ dozen. At the present, the price is increasing to about 65.000-80.000 VND/dozen. Particularly for large coconuts, price can be up to 90.000 - 100.000 VND / dozen.

Although the price is increasing, there are not enough coconuts for sales. In the recent years, this year's productivity is lowest. In common, from the end of last year till the beginning of following year is the harvesting time with the most coconuts, but this year's quantity is half compared with same period.

In conclusive, even though the coconut price is higher, the famer's profit is not increased.

A famer said: "the dry coconut for harvesting is very little, cannot meet trader's demand. Every year, his garden was harvested from 500 to 600 coconut units this period, but 300 to 400 units per month at the moment.

The reason is said that the price was low during last long term so the famers did not take care of and fertilize their garden. Therefore, the productivity has become lower.

In the other hand, famers have changed from selling fresh coconuts for water, leading to be scare of dry coconuts. Moreover, harvesting fresh coconuts also caused physiological changes for coconut trees let them stop fruiting in a specific time.

Following some famers, the reason is also about being affected by the weather of last year's rainy season which made coconuts' productivity was less than usual. Meanwhile, coconut exporting demand is increasing again leading to the supply does not meet the demand. This is said to be the reasons for the current high prize of coconuts.

However, dry coconut productivity at the present can be not the lowest. Farmers predict that the productivity will be even lower than this recent situation and will be lasted around the next 3-4 months, when dry season comes.


  • No coconuts to buy


A trader said that she was repeatedly contacting with many places, many coconut suppliers to buy coconuts for two weeks but she had not collected enough. "Before, I used to buy 1.200 coconuts every day. More than a month ago, within 3 - 4 days, I have bought only 300 - 500 coconuts. Every year at the same time, there was so many coconuts that you could not buy them all. But now, it is really hard to buy them even if having money."

To get coconuts, the traders pushed the price up. Many manufacturing company in Ben Tre is also promoting collecting a lot coconuts to processing materials or exporting. Meanwhile, even though the consumption of coconuts in the Ho Chi Minh City is still very slow, traders was forced to push coconut price going high to get the products. However, as mention before, the price is high but there have still not been enough coconuts for buying.

Within last two years, there were two fluctuations in coconut market. About two years ago, the price of coconut was increased toweringly high up to 140.000 VND / dozen. And then, only few months later, the coconut price suddenly fall to only 10.000 – 15.000 VND / dozen.

At this time, coconut price is increasing again. After every price fluctuations, the area of growing coconuts and the famers’ life has been disturbed. Now they are experiencing emotions both happy and worried. They are glad because of the high price but worried that it could be changed again.


Synthesized from Ap Bac

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