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Price of red dragon fruit has an increasing trend
Friday, November 8, 2019

In recent days, prices of red flesh dragon fruits were purchased by traders from 35,000 to 38,000 VND / kg, nearly doubling before Tet. With an average yield of about 30 tons / ha, each hectare of red dragon fruit achieves a production value of over 1 billion VND, except for costs, farmers gain 500 - 700 million VND.

Many farmers grow dragon fruits excited because they have just harvested over 1 ton of red flesh dragon fruit with just VND 38 million.

Red flesh dragon fruit increased sharply due to favorable consumption and supply after Tet holiday is not abundant while demand is high. Farmers who harvest this time are happy because of the high income from this crop.

Giá thanh long ruột đỏ có hướng tăng lên

The application of new technical advances in cultivation, especially light bulbs, handling of fruits scattered all year round, farmers reduce the risk of crop, devaluation, and improve economic efficiency.

Rice Market (Tien Giang) has nearly 3,900 hectares of red flesh dragon fruit, the largest in Tien Giang province. This is a key crop with high economic value and an important source of export agricultural products of the locality. Cho Gao district focuses on agricultural extension and technology transfer in the direction of GAP associated with the value chain.

In recent years, dragon fruits are crops that bring high competitive advantages to farmers. Many localities across the country are implementing many solutions to help farmers develop dragon fruit growing areas.

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