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Ly Son garlic crop - "white gold" of island farmers
Wednesday, November 6, 2019

What is Ly Son garlic?

Associated with Ly Son island district, this is where the largest variety of garlic is grown in our country. Ly Son is about 18 nautical miles from Sa Ky - Quang Day, famous for the Hoang Sa Bac Hai team. This is the best place to grow garlic and produce quality ingredients. In Ly Son, agriculture did not develop as much as other places, but instead developed garlic. Ly Son garlic plant has been associated with people here for a long time, no one knows when ever but when mentioning Ly Son, people will think of Ly Son garlic. 

Mùa vụ tỏi Lý Sơn

Ly Son garlic has its own flavor and special unlike in other places. The reason, the garlic in the wire has its own flavor is due to the characteristics of soil, climate, natural conditions that form Ly Son island. Garlic here is usually divided into 2 types: fast-growing regular garlic and lonely garlic (this type of garlic often has a branch and is also known as orphan garlic). Ly Son lonely garlic usually has a selling price 10 times higher than regular garlic.

Lonely garlic is more expensive than regular garlic due to the biological process, instead of many cloves per billion, only 1 clove of garlic. Lonely garlic does not have much, usually only 2 - 5kg per harvest. However, lonely garlic is very good for health and can cure many different diseases such as flu, antibacterial, aches, joints, reducing blood fat, stomach disease, ... Therefore, garlic Ly Son Loneliness is of high value and is used by many customers.

Ly Son garlic season - The harvest season of "white gold" of island farmers

Why is it said that Ly Son garlic harvest season is the "white gold" harvest season of people here because of the huge economic value that Ly Son garlic brings. It is estimated that each season, when people harvest from 600 - 750kg, the profit will be 15,000,000 - 20,000,000 VND, after deducting all costs.


Ly Son garlic season usually takes place every March, this is the time when farmers are busy harvesting garlic. In 2019, the output of Ly Son island farmers has tripled last year, bringing high incomes for the family. This is a good sign for the farmers. Gradually, people here are aiming to export Ly Son garlic with a much larger amount to have more sources of income

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