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Dried Sugarcane Bagasse
Monday, September 26, 2022

Sugarcane, after being pressed for juice or sugar production, produces the remaining fibrous part of the body called bagasse (cane carcass).
The main ingredients are fibrous fibers (cellulose), water and a relatively small amount of dissolved substances, mainly sugars.
Usually this body part will be discarded because it is considered worthless. However, few people know that they are a source of ingredients that bring many unexpected uses in life.

Hộp bã mía 2 ngăn hình chữ nhật đựng thức ăn |

In cultivation, the residue from sugarcane can be composted as an organic fertilizer to replace conventional fertilizers, etc. Or used as a growing medium for mushrooms, reishi, and cat mushrooms. In animal husbandry, sugarcane bagasse, after pressing juice, will be used as a lining for cattle sheds in the winter or can also be used as feed for buffaloes, cows and goats.

phan ba mia

                           bagasse block

Currently, bagasse is used to recycle all kinds of packaging such as boxes, bowls, cups, trays, cups, ... With completely natural materials, bagasse food products have been proven to be perfect. ensure food hygiene and safety for human health. Under different conditions, bagasse does not decompose into harmful substances, and does not affect the health of users. This is one of the eco-friendly packaging alternatives for disposable items from plastic, plastic bags.