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Coffee Dog Chew Toy
Saturday, September 24, 2022

Coffee Dog Chew Toy

When dogs chew wood, they not only relieve stress, but also remove tartar naturally, so you can see the effects of a toothbrush. However, there are product lines on the market that are created by applying artificial fragrance to wooden sticks made of molded wood pulp or applying artificial fragrance to the surface of fake wood.

Xương Chó Thanh Gỗ Cà Phê Tự Nhiên Cho Chó Mèo Chơi Nhai Gặm Coffe Wood For  Dog Chew Bán Chạy Tại Hàn Quốc Xương Gặm Cho Chó - Đồ chơi |

However, coffee wood chew toy is a natural product with no artificial flavors and aromas, is a product created by cutting and pruning a branch of coffee. In addition, the advantage is that the wood is hard, does not break strongly even after playing for a long time, so it is not dangerous.

It promotes mechanical cleaning of the teeth and strengthens the jaw muscles. Chewing coffee wood loosens tiny fibers that have an additional cleaning and dental floss effect on the teeth. Through abrasive chews' natural chewing process, your dogs will have natural dental care with every bite and no worries about gum disease or plaque. With Zero calories, this chew toy is an ideal alternative to chews that contain fat or sugar.