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Watermelon in Viet Nam
Friday, July 19, 2019

 Watermelon in Viet Nam


Watermelon is considered a cosmetic natural skin care work both cheap, easily available and safe, does not cause side effects such as all kinds of chemicals. Every day, Apply thin slices of watermelon to cool to the long hours, the skin will be smooth, as expected, no blisters in the summer. Watermelon old crush, shake the water by several times a day contains the vet ne on each and not man skin by o.


When severe hot cam, drunk, urinating None, lay immediately beef watermelon hat, ep lay a dich, drank a few times. This country is no effect at all.


In the summer, watermelon is known as "The Lord of melons" and widely used in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals.


Watermelon is often used old desserts after meals and refreshments temperature-resistant. Especially on hot days, for those who are hard working or traveling far thirsty, a few pieces of watermelon is enough to make bot tired, so thirsty, to the sweet, pleasant.


Watermelon contains many valuable nutrients. Specifically, 100g serving of watermelon contains the following substances: water 95.5 g; proteins 1.2 g; lipid 0.2 g; glucide 2.3 g; fiber 0.5 g; 0.3 g ash. The trace minerals: Ca 8 mg; P 13mg; Fe 1mg; Mg 10mg; K 112mg; ZM 0.10 mg. The vitamins: beta carotene 4,200 mcg; B1 0.04 mg; B2 0.04 mg; B3 0.178 mg; B5 0.221 mg; B6 0.045 mg; B9 (folate) 3 micrograms; C 8.1 mg; PP 0.2 mg. There are also citrulline 0.17 g; lycopene 8g; mannitol ...


 Watermelon is rich in folic acid, a B vitamin needed for the formation of blood. Just eat 200g watermelon is enough demand for folic acid a day.

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