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Quang Yen high-quality custard-apple area
Friday, August 28, 2020

Around this time, households in Vuon Chay village, Tien An commune, Quang Yen town (Quang Ninh) were starting to harvest commercial custard-apple for sale. Worth mentioning, this fruit has helped many households out of poverty, so they can eat.
Here, a few hundred square meters in a small household can get a few hundred square meters. If you grow a lot, you have a thousand square meters of custard-apple. A wide array of eye-catching blue, plump custard-apple fruit, stretching to wait for the harvest.
Bà Đàm Thị Nhợi, thôn Vườn Chay, xã Tiền An, Quảng Yên (Quảng Ninh) đang thu hoạch na bở tại vườn. Ảnh: Anh Thắng.

Typically, Mrs. Dam Thi Nhi's household, Vuon Chay village, Tien An commune, Quang Yen (Quang Ninh), on a land area of nearly 2,000 square meters, has about 1,000 kernels. With only a short tending time, the trees have been harvested for 3 years. “Since 2013, with the help of the Farmers Association of Tien An commune on cultivation techniques and care of nautilium, I have boldly propagated and planted a large number of these crops. In fact, the same kind in Tien An has been around for a long time, suitable with soil so it grows well ", Mrs. Nhoi said.

Harvest garden of Mr. Vu Van Lai, Vuon Chay village, Tien An commune also started to harvest. This plant is his choice after deciding to renovate the garden not long ago.

Previously, all the cultivated areas were used to grow litchi. However, after many years of harvesting, the litchi he planted was not economically efficient, the fruits were often pests and diseases, lacked attraction to traders. After studying, Mr. Lai renovated the entire garden area and converted to planting custard-apple.

Initially, Mr. Lai, like many other households here, thought of growing naïve, because this variety, this fruit was widely known by consumers. However, he personally realized that the local market in the province was more popular, so he discussed with his family, and switched to planting basilica.

Những quả na bở chắc nịch, tròn trĩnh, có vị ngọt đặc trưng của vùng đất Tiền An, TX Quảng Yên (Quảng Ninh). Ảnh: Anh Thắng.

Currently, the cultivated area is divided into 2 areas, Mr. Lai has planted and took care of 750 nautilus trees with 100% of the species of fern. Mr. Vu Van Lai said: Compared with many crops, custard-apple is much more effective because it has less pests and diseases, and is favored by the market, bringing high income for growers.

Mr. Do Hai Minh, a longtime trader revealed: Contrary to the thoughts of many people, it will be picky for people to enjoy, because of its rich sweetness and low quality of meat, however this Tien An land is produces high-quality nautical-kind. This kind of ketchup will be sold for 100 thousand VND / kg, the small one for 80 thousand VND / kg. The difference in Quang Yen is that when harvested, they are almost ripe and can be eaten only a day later. Na is consumed in Quang Yen town, city. Ha Long, Hanoi ... Traders like us when they come to buy na are praised for their characteristic delicious taste.

After many years of accumulating experience in techniques and care, Tien An custard-apple growers have beautiful code, bright eyes, and sweet taste when they are harvested. In order to develop the economy in the area as well as to take full advantage of the available natural conditions, increase income for farming households in the field of farming, the agricultural sector of Quang Yen town has instructed households to move Converting fruit trees that do not bring high value to planting fruit trees with economic value.

Vào vụ thu hoạch, thương lái sẽ đến tận nơi để thu mua na. Ảnh: Anh Thắng.

It can be said that the tree has opened up a new direction for the people of Tien An commune to increase their income per cultivated area unit. Since then, contributing to the effective implementation of agricultural restructuring, making the fern plant become the key crop to help people reduce poverty, get rich right in their homeland.

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