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Dried carrots dish but complementary food
Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Carrots can be eaten fresh or dried, ground into flour for food processing or for snacking. Did you know that the carrots, sliced and dried, are crispy and sweet and nutritious at the same time?

Cách làm cà rốt sấy khô

Dried carrots may feel strange and have never tried, trust me, you will not be able to ignore this dish after just the first few slices of carrots: possessing natural sweetness, color nature does not add any chemicals, not inferior to the feeling when you enjoy fresh carrots.

Products in pieces, very brittle, not broken, suitable for giving or treating for holidays, feasts. On the other hand, dried carrots are convenient because you can use them for a long time without worrying about them being damaged, convenient for you to bring when traveling or picnicking with relatives and friends.

Benefits of sweet and crispy dried carrots:

  • Carrots are one of many tubers with high nutritional value: they contain many vitamins that are beneficial for human health. And especially good for women to improve the skin, effective anti-aging.

  • In addition to the crunchy, sweet, delicious taste, carrots also contain a large amount of nutrients including vitamins and minerals necessary for human body and intelligence such as vitamin A, Beta carotene to help prevent eye diseases. , eye-open; alpha - carotene, lutein good for the heart; acetylene, falcarinol prevent cancer; vitamin C boosts the immune system ...

Cách làm Cà rốt sấy |

Crispy dried carrots at Lac Thuy specialty meet export standards: no color, no sugar, no preservatives, no cholesterol, good for health, ensure food hygiene and safety

Products are manufactured on modern lines with advanced technology, carrots after drying retain the original flavor, natural color, nutritional value unchanged. Clean products, ensuring food hygiene and safety, bringing peace of mind - health as well as customer satisfaction.

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