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Wednesday, July 17, 2019



Small trees, evergreen, 6-8 (-15) m, diameter 15-30cm. Body erect, round, gray-brown

outer shell. Shark steam shoots, smooth, pale green, later turns brown gray. Leaves often concentrated at the top of the spike, looks like whorl; each round usually has 3-5 leaves. Leaf blade raw, thick, hard, brittle; ovate oblong oval or oblong; 6-12x2 ,5-5cm size; leaf tip or from, wedge leaf base; eye on dark green, smooth, green on the underside light; tendons as feathers, with 9-12 pairs, not prominent. Stem is long 7-10cm


Star anise is spicy, sweet, fragrant, warm; stimulate the digestive apparatus, reduce the contractions of the stomach and intestines, benefits of milk, except, analgesic, antiseptic. Star anise is used to treat nausea, vomiting, stomach full, primary, poisoning fish, the hands and feet aches. It is also used fruit soaked alcohol to massage the skin. The leaves of anise are used to treat snake bites (swallowing water, take up residues). Anise can also be used as an aperitif, aromatic toothpaste and spices.


Star aniseed oil has a stimulating effect, easy to digest, anticonvulsants, inhibition of intestinal fermentation, causing flatus, mild expectorant and diuretic, used to treat stomach pain; components of the drug suck cough massage and medicine cure arthritis, ear pain medication, antiseptic, fungal skin diseases and scabies treatment. Star anise can also be used in the production, processing and pesticides herb, kill lice, fleas, bedbugs, and a number of external parasites in cattle.


Star aniseed oil with characteristic odor. It is widely used in daily life in pho broth, chilled food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics ... oil in antibacterial effect, at low concentrations inhibited the growth of the bacilli labor.

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