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The source of carrageenan in Vietnam
Monday, July 15, 2019

The source of carrageenan in Vietnam

In Vietnam, there are some types of red seaweed (Rhodophyta seaweed) containing a huge amount of carrageenen, such as Kappaphycus, Alvarezii and Euchema gelatinae. These seaweed species have large natural outputs (5-10 tons of fresh seaweed per year). They grew quite popular in the first places like Ninh Hai district (Ninh Thuan), Hai Van Pass (Quang Nam-Da Nang ), Phu Quoc Island.

Once acclimatized from Ninh Thuan, Eucheuma gelatinae has been developed a lot in the area of Nha Trang. In addition, the suitable environment conditions in the coastal areas and large islands can fully develop this seaweed resource on a large scale.

On the trend of the distribution by geographical latitude, Catenella Seaweed Group is only in coastal areas of Quang Ninh and Hai Phong. But in mid - Viet Nam provinces such as: Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Hue, they has not been detected. The species of Hypnea seaweed are found with more widespread. They present from Long Chau island, Cat Ba Island, Do Son (Hai Phong) to the mid – province of Viet Nam. In addition, almost of Laurencia seaweed species are also distributed there.

Carrageenan content of some species of fresh Hypnea seaweed in Viet Nam:

According to Rhodophyta seaweed survey results, which seaweed grow along the coast from Nghe An to Hue, they show that: reserves of some species of fresh Hypnea seaweed gain nearly 80 tons per year; Laurencia seaweed is over 15 tons per year. The other areas from Hai Phong to Hue, the Gigartina intermedia seaweed is estimated 10 tons.  In addition, the volume of other Carrageenophytes reach 100 tons, just only the Acanthophora spicifera found in Cat Hai (Hai Phong ) with fresh volume about 80 tons. Besides, Gracilaria seaweed (grows around the island area) grow up quite well, can reach about 20 tons(fresh seaweed) per a year.

Thus, based on the results of studies of carrageenan content in some species of Rhodophyta seaweed in the coastal areas of Viet Nam, we can select promising species into aquaculture to create a source of materials for Carrageenan production technology. Therefore, we can meet both domestic demand and exports. If we implement plan of manufacturing carrageenan for sale and export, we can gain much more advantages from seaweed.

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